“Creating togetherness in a unique setting with respect for nature” Relaxing, strengthening family and friendship ties, gaining positive energy, getting away from chaos, being cordially together, we all need that. Being able to do this, amidst a soothing green open environment, is not an illusion, but pure reality @ Echo Lodge. Eco chic…. Yes! Creating a luxury feeling, but in an ecologically responsible way, a challenge that we did not shy away from.


Sustainability | minimalism | integration into the scenery Our architects set to work with these key words, thinking entirely out of the box!

Echo Lodge exhibits a metal shell made of copper and zinc, sustainable materials, with a high recycling value.

The rusty colour and the repetitive vertical play of lines integrate the building completely into the adjacent wooded area.

The garden seems endless, so you actually have the feeling that you are one with nature.

Sleek and simple, but casual and with a certain twist: waving grass, playful terrace tiles, a varied vegetable garden, …

Austerity and overview are in total harmony here.

Because less is more…
 the many open spaces, large windows, simply decorated rooms give Echo Lodge a Scandinavian twist.

Thanks to the use of neutral colours, earthy tones and timeless furniture made of warm-toned wood,
the interior exudes
an atmosphere of tranquillity.

The synthesis of modern architecture, interior and exterior space makes Echo Lodge a true design location in an oasis of greenery!


Echo Lodge: a copper-coloured place in complete tranquillity. The reflection, the echo of calmness & atmosphere. This is what Echo Lodge radiates: the perfect symmetry that reflects our consciousness. We only hear the echo of ourselves, nothing more. This way you can become one with yourself for a moment, enjoy the peace and quiet… away from the daily pressure

Looking for a stylish location where you can fully unwind?